Formula of success!



Concept of solutions

You will not spend more than is necessary for the further development of your business.

Each stage in the development of business requires certain steps, including improving communication possibilities with customers. Creating a brand, in fact is an improvement of communication possibilities with customers. It leads to increased market, which indirectly affects your competitors who are losing their customers moving in a more convenient and affordable company as yours.

We offer companies three solutions: Nitros, Mirami and Chronos. Each solution has been worked out in order to provide the most convenient offer for the different stages in the development of business. The uniqueness of this approach lies in its individuality. You do not spend more money than necessary for business development at a certain stage, because on each stage, we offer you a customized solution.

We offer three different solutions to companies for business development: Nitros, Mirami and Chronos.

For example, if you have just started a business and want to fill the information gap in order to attract first customers, then you should examine the solution of the first level: Nitros. It includes analysis of competitors, logo design and a basic Web site.

If your business has reached a certain level, you should look at the decision of the second level – Mirami. It provides an opportunity for further development and improvement of methods of communication with customers, as well as enhancing the authority over your competitors. Mirami solution includes competitor analysis, design of a logo, multifunctional website and design of documents.

Chronos solution is the maximum possible solution for the creation and development of the brand. It is intended for companies wishing to enter a new market or seriously push their competitors on a local market. This solution includes competitor analysis, design of a logo, development of multi-functional website, documents design and an advertising campaign in the Internet and, if necessary, the development of an advertising campaign out of digital world.

Graphic & Web Design Studio

Artagraphix design studio is developing business brands. We provide full range of graphics and advertising services that can bring your business to a new level. Process of our work is far from standard approaches of most design studios. Our goal is to create the most profitable brand for your business. To do this, we think through every step, analyze your concurrents, we find positions being able to provide your business with a better hand, and only then we move on to the technical process of creating a brand.
Our fantasy challenges our skills and experience. We are fighting for every “impossible” idea, because this is the only way we can guarantee our customers’ success. We can afford it, as our team consists of talented IT developers and designers. Our team members have studied in Milan and London. Most of them have 8 + years of experience in the fields of graphic design, internet marketing and internet developing.